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Chef server setup

sudo dpkg -i /tmp/chef-server-core-<version>.deb
chef-server-ctl reconfigure
chef-server-ctl user-create USER_NAME FIRST_NAME LAST_NAME EMAIL 'PASSWORD' --filename FILE_NAME
chef-server-ctl org-create northernsysadmin 'Northern Sysadmin Inc' --association_user sysadmin --filename /var/chef_ssh/northernsysadmin-validator.pem
knife ssl check
knife ssl fetch

knife cookbook upload $COOKBOOK_NAME_HERE
knife client list
knife cookbook list
knife bootstrap --ssh-user sysadmin --ssh-password 'PASSWORD_HERE' --sudo --use-sudo-password --node-name puppet-minion1 --run-list 'recipe[learn_chef_apache2]'
knife node list
knife node show $NODE_NAME

Create roles and assign cookbooks to them.


   "name": "ntp",
   "description": "NTP server role.",
   "json_class": "Chef::Role",
   "default_attributes": {
     "chef_client": {
       "interval": 60,
       "splay": 1
   "override_attributes": {
   "chef_type": "role",
   "run_list": ["recipe[chef-client::default]",
   "env_run_lists": {
  1. Upload the role to the Chef Server : knife role from file roles/web.json
  2. Check that the role is on the server : knife role list - knife role show ntp
  3. Find node name from knife node list - knife node run_list set puppet-minion1 "role[ntp]"
  4. Confirm that the role is applied to the Node : knife node show puppet-minion1 --run-list
  5. Run chef-client on the node.
  6. knife ssh 'role:web' 'sudo chef-client' --ssh-user sysadmin --ssh-password 'PASSWORD_HERE' --sudo --use-sudo-password --node-name puppet-minion1

Dependencies in cookbooks.

metadata.rb - keyword "depends" - Used to list the other coobooks from which the cookbook depends to run properly.

name 'prometheus_node'
maintainer 'Laurent Dumont'
maintainer_email '[email protected]'
license 'All Rights Reserved'
description 'Installs/Configures prometheus-node'
long_description 'Installs/Configures prometheus-node'
version '0.1.1'
depends 'tar'
chef_version '>= 12.14' if respond_to?(:chef_version)